Black Tea Series

Taiwan Honey Scented Black Tea

This is a fitting tea for your morning cup of tea.
  • Honey Scented Black Tea, taiwan, tea wholesale

Full of flavor which benefits your health,  a perfect fit for your morning tea.

Assam is the source of some of the finest black and British style tea.
Assams are notable for their heartiness, strength, and body.
Adding milk will enhance more subtle flavor in Assam tea.
Assam tea are noted for their depth of flavor, dark burgundy-colored liquor, and ‘malty’ taste.

The aroma has scent of anise, apple, honey, and touches of malt.
The liquid has a bright, radiant orange-red color. 
Aftertaste is full of layered, juicy texture.
There is a pleasant, balanced astringency.

To strengthen the immune system, to be healthier, drinking tea is the best way!

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